Kummerkastenantwort 2.790: Ich bin verwirrt über meine sexuelle Orientierung

I was sure for a long time I was only bi but I don’t think so anymore. I am most likely to be in a relationship with one other person but I would also be with two others, so kind of poly. And I don’t like girls but I’m not gay I like boys, trans boys, non binarys, gender fluid people, just anything that’s not a girl. Im confused and dont know what to do


well, I guess I’ll need to break something to you: bi doesn’t mean that you have to be into everyone. Being bi simply means that you like more than one gender but it doesn’t limit which those must be. So if you want, bi can still be your label – or maybe polysexual?


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  1. R. sagt:

    Just a heads up: “Boys” already includes trans and cis boys. There’s no need to list trans boys separately, they are not a different gender.

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